4 Tips to Learn SAP Programming

Learning SAP Programming should be one of the almost mandatory challenges that anyone who works with SAP. While many employers don’t expect you to have these capabilities, having this technical knowledge will add (a lot) to your resume and help you stay one step ahead of other consultants, or users who have SAP experience. 
Even if you are not looking for work, what you learn by programming brings benefits to other disciplines. Luckily, great technical knowledge in computer science is not required, but an extraordinary motivation is required, therefore, if you are denied programming, do not continue reading these lines.

This article is to provide four tips to learn to program easily:

  1. Take advantage of free resources
  2. Join a good helping community
  3. Try to form a real group of Abapers
  4. Search smartly

Take advantage of free resources

These days, everyone knows about sites like us, and Youtube. On these sites, there are free/paid SAP courses, even in Bangla. If you are not afraid of English, on Amazon you can download (for free) SAP Kindle books.
If you are looking for more free resources, and you are not familiar with a programming language, therefore you will need help, I recommend you to take a tour of the CSAP question and answer platform.

Join a helping community

Of course, our community of help will not be the only one that provides this “service” (of helping). There will be others, in fact on the internet you can find them of all types, colors, and also with prices. I would tell you to go to the “x” site to learn, but the truth is that in Bangla, simple, fast, reliable, and free there is almost nothing. 

Form a group of Abapers

Depending on what city you are in, and how developed this SAP in it, there will be more people like you, learning the same. If you can be part of “real” communities to code, that would be a success. Perhaps the problem here is that the programs you make for SAP can only be tested (and run) in real SAP environments, where companies that have purchased licenses give you “permissions” to run those programs. But that will also depend on the benefits that you can give to those companies, or as a community. 

Search smartly

When you are learning to program in SAP/ABAP you will have a lot of questions, and you will need answers. Many!