SAP WM- Warehouse Management

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Training Curriculum

Module: SAP WM- Warehouse Management


SAP WM is part of SAP Supply Chain Management like Warehouse Management System, but it provides more robust and advanced features to manage key activities in a warehouse. SAP WM is used to efficiently manage inventory in a Warehouse and for supporting processing of goods movement. It allows any company to control their Warehouse’s inbound and outbound processes and movement of goods in the Warehouse. This is a fundamental tutorial that covers the basics of SAP WM and how to deal with its various components and sub-components.


In SAP WM all goods movement are controlled by the warehouse management system that provides you the tools to monitor warehouse activities. This tutorial has been prepared for all those professionals who wish to learn the fundamentals of SAP WM and to execute it in practice.


It is a straightforward and simple tutorial which the readers can easily understand. The conceptions are explained here with a basic knowledge of how a company or an organization deals with its Warehouse Management System. However, it will help if you have some prior exposure to vendor management inventory, resource optimization, value added services and other related activities. SAP Warehouse Management (WM) is used to efficiently manage inventory in the Warehouse and for supporting processing of goods movement. It allows the company to control their Warehouse inbound and outbound processes and movement of goods in the Warehouse. The main process in a Warehouse is incoming and outgoing materials, goods receipt and goods issue, fulfil customer orders, and distribution of goods. When a company doesn’t store any goods, then there is no need of Warehouse management to manage goods.


We will provide:

  1. Instructor-Led Live Training- Students attend well structured Live Interactive sessions by SAP-certified instructors. We will provide Recorded videos of every session and the course materials.
  2. This learning program is free from geographical and time limitations. Students can access e-learning content, interact with trainers through discussion boards of LMS. Course material, videos, Assignments, and Assessments.
  3. 24×7 support using tickets. Certification of completion at the end.
  4. Our training is also very focused on getting the students Certified. Our course curriculum designed with the Certification in mind.
  5. We will provide discounted rated SAP access.


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